outlook 2007 paragraphs, neither margin or padding works

Hi folks,

Right now I'm fighting with Outlook 2007, trying to get some space between paragraphs, but neither margin-bottom or padding-bottom work. I'm aware that Outlook doesn't like padding generally but I figured it was worth a try.

Any ideas?


Robert Simpson, 5 years ago

OK it turns out that it likes 'margin-top' but Hotmail doesn't, wonderful!

Robert Simpson, 5 years ago

I've managed to get around this by adding the same value for both 'margin-top' and 'margin-bottom'. Strangely enough it doesn't look odd and renders fine in Apple Mail, Outlook 2007, Gmail and Hotmail.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks for letting us know your fix, Robert. Another option is to experiment with line-height... Yes, Outlook and Hotmail are particularly bad when it comes to handling margins!

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Lawrenceeverard, 5 years ago


Did you get the same problem with Outlook 2010?

Kind regards


jasuttie, 5 years ago

You can sometimes use <div>s inside table structures to help. You can then add margins to these(but Hotmail doesn't like margin-top).

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