Images not appearing?

Is anyone having an issue with images not appearing in emails right now? Both in the mail client and the online view. e.g. this one:

My client is not seeing any of the images in that email.

Ryano, 5 years ago

Ok I got to the bottom of this. The people I used to cut up the email did something silly with the HTML. There was a gradient in the email. Rather that cutting out the graphic that had the gradient, they cut up the graphic into 35 1 pixel wide images, and put the gradient in using html table cell colours!

This many tiny images in the email were saturating my clients net connection and it was dying mid way through rendering the email.

Just though people may want to know this for future reference.

Diana Diana, 5 years ago

Hey Ryano,

Glad you were able to get to the bottom of it!

D. Potter
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