How do I add new subscribers to an existing segment?

I'm looking to add some new subscribers to an existing segment but there doesn't seem to be the option to select them in the main Subscribers List and choose to move them to that segment?
It would also be really useful to be able to shift + click a list of subscribers rather than having to select each one individually.

Diana Diana, 5 years ago


It isn't possible to manually move subscribers to a segment, you'll want to make sure that their data matches the rules for the segment. So if you have a segment of everyone in California for example and it's based on a state field, you'll just want to make sure that any newly added subscribers have that state field filled in and anyone with California marked would be automatically added to the segment.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
MrAnalogy, 3 years ago

If I Import records (email, name, SomeFlagValue) and the emails are already in my database, would the SomeFlagValue be updated?

So if :    was IN my list but SomeFlagValue is empty
And I import a file w/ and SomeFlagValue=1 will that update John's record in my List?

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