Newbie wants to edit a template

I'd love to use one of the free templates but I'll need to tweak the design a bit. Is Dreamweaver the best tool? And where can I go to learn just enough to do what I need to do? I am totally illiterate in html and css. (Help!)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Ruth, welcome to the forums! Dreamweaver is a good editing app to start off with, as it allows you view changes to your design on the fly and provides lots of visual tools for quickly whipping together tables, etc.

Before you make that investment, I'd highly recommend working through this tutorial on HTML and CSS. It's probably worth giving this a try to determine whether you have the time and resources to learn web design from scratch, over potentially hiring a designer to quickly make the required edits for you.

Thanks, Ruth and welcome to the archaic (if not anarchic) world of HTML email design :D

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