Not all links are converted

Some of the links used in my campaign don't get converted when the mail is sent or previewed so click statistics would not be available. The links are pretty long and contain several request parameters, is there a known problem with this? If I use a link it works but this is obviously not the optimal solution.

The problem links are in the following form:

Please ignore the fact that username and password are sent as request parameters, this is NOT a solution I am involved with in any way and would ever ever ever use myself... ;-)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Mark, this is certainly something for our devs to look into here. Could you kindly contact our support team with details for the campaign in which you observed this in? There's a good chance that the addition of Google Analytics tags by Campaign Monitor are altering things here, so it's best that our devs take a peek and assist with a solution.

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