recommend online Form/Survey software?

Hi peoples,

can anybody recommend an online form/survey software solution that is on par with campaign monitor/mailbuild?

Appreciate any advice.



Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Chris,

We really like Wufoo. It's great for building any kinds of forms, from surveys to contact and registration forms. Definitely worth checking out.

lara1, 8 years ago

chrisf,I too searching for this online form/survey software solution.But my friends also suggested me to check it out Wufoo.Really that helps me a lot.U too try it.

Cash Surveys

Sherman, 8 years ago

I highly recommend Wufoo ~ I love using it!

jdancisin, 8 years ago

If you're looking for a self-hosted solution, MachForm is also very nice to work with...

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hey jdancisin,
thanks for the tip - MachForm seems awesome!

For surveys, I've played around with a little. It's currently in beta, but it's looking good.


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Stormy Stormy, 8 years ago

Well, I had been quite a fan of Survey Monkey, but I have to echo Stig's response here - MachForm does indeed look extremely impressive and I think I've found a new favourite!

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