Need an EDM designed, immediate start for delivery 29 Sept

I'm looking for someone new to do a Campaign Monitor EDM design for a web hosting client of ours. Wireframe, initial mockup, a round of feedback/changes, deliver as PSD.

Timeframe is starting immediately, completed by 29 Sept. I have budgeted A$500.

Let me know if you're interested and available, send me your portfolio URL, and I can get you an outline on the EDM and client, art files and answer any other questions you have.


- alan

designraven designraven, 5 years ago

Hi Alan,

Would be happy to get started on this. View my portfolio here.

Contact me on 0414 877 440.


oneblackcrayon oneblackcrayon, 5 years ago

Hi Alan,
If you are still in need of a designer, I am available as well.
My work.

Thank you.

redspark, 5 years ago


We have been working with Campaign monitor for last few years and we have very good working experience with this system, in terms of Template Development, API Development. please email at if we can help.

Visit Redspark


Thank You,

Redspark Technologies Pvt Ltd, INDIA Visit us at

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