Adding a CC / BCC based on a custom field

I have a subscriber list where one of the fields is essentially a CC address, in addition to the usual "email" field. So for every email I send, I'd like to add a different CC based on the value in this field.

Does anyone know how and how this is possible?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi harelguy, welcome to the forums! Just to clarify, are you planning to cc an email address every time an email campaign is sent to a specific email address?

At present, we don't support cc'ing on email sends. Mind me asking, is there a reason why these cc'ed addresses aren't just added to the regular subscriber list? If necessary, you could always link them to other email addresses by using some kind of id in custom fields.

Thanks, harelguy! Looking forward to hearing back from you :)

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