Slow cloaked link resolution...

Has anyone had any trouble with the trackable links inserted by Campaign Monitor being really slow? They hang for ages before being resolved to the friendly URL.

So you might have a link looking like which takes ages to point to the normal URL. Is that due to slow local servers my end, or Campaign Monitor being slow?
I'm quite new to CM, so would appreciate the tips.

Thanks. Martin

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Martin, welcome to the forums! It's hard to say what's happening here exactly, however we haven't had any reports of slowness with redirects on our end. You may want to try to try again on a device with a different internet connection and see if the situation is improved - while it could be hosting servers taking a while to load pages, it could also be a slow connection between your device and ISP.

Alternately, get in touch with our team - we'll also happily test out the links in your campaigns for you.

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