Adding utm parameters to a link for Google Analytics

Dear Forum

I have a problem with the tracking of my campaign.

Normally when I add a Link to the Google Analytics customization the tool does automatically add the parameters
like this:

I now have a bit a tricky case to solve:
As every receiver of the email has his own link I added them as a custom tag in the html file.

Generally the link structure does look like this:

This link is in a custom tag.

What I want to do now is when the users receive the mailing they should get a link such as:

Can anybody help me in this tricky case?


Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Hey Raphael, when there's already a query string in place, the Google Analytics link tagging should simply be appended to that (starting with & instead of ? since you've already added that).

If that's not what's happening for you, could you email support with your account URL and the name of the campaign draft?

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