How to get deleted subscribers

Hi, I'm wondering how to get deleted subscribers from a list. I see methods to retrieve active, unsubscribed and bounced, but not deleted.

I see the suppression list for clients, but this doesn't tell me what list they belonged to.


JonJoyce, 5 years ago

There is no API call to get those subscribers. Same as you cant delete a subscriber via the API.

Jonathon Joyce
jblauer, 5 years ago

Is there any reason it isn't there? It's in the interface. I'm able to get individual deleted subscribers with the API, but not a list of them. Just wondering why.

jamesd jamesd, 5 years ago

Apologies that this isn't in the API - I've just increased the count for this feature request, which we already had recorded.

davidh, 5 years ago


Thanks for the suggestions, we have just added a method to get the deleted subscribers to the API:

jblauer, 5 years ago

Awesome, thanks!

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