webhook pointing to https


i'm currently testing your api using the ruby gem. almost everything works fine and easy so far. but unfortunately, testing a newly created webhook results in:

CreateSend::BadRequest: The CreateSend API responded with the following error - 610: The webhook request has failed
Extra result data: <#Hashie::Mash FailureResponseCode=0 FailureStatus="TrustFailure">

the url the webhook points to:


we are using a wildcard certificate with domains (& subdomains) defined in the certificate's subject alternative names.

would it be possible for you to consider alt names when posting a webhook request?

thanks in advance,

jamesd jamesd, 5 years ago

Hey Johannes,

That's a really unusual result when testing a webhook - as you mentioned, no doubt caused by the certificate setup on your site. The library we're using to make a POST request to your server is responding with a "Trust Failure" error.

I've verified that other https endpoints receive webhook requests without problems, for example: https://postbin1.appspot.com/wvabm1

I'm going to have to ask you to contact support with the details of your certificate setup on your site. Without those details, it's difficult for us to help you any further with this issue.

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