Change Language Preferences Per List


I need to create a multi-lingual newsletter. 3 language versions.

I'm considering using a different List for each language under the same account.

The problem is, I can only see an option to change the language of the Preferences Center / Forward To A Friend on a per client basis, not a per List basis.

Is there a way to hard code a link to a different language version of the Preference Centre / Forward To A Friend from an email?

Could you advise please or give a suitable work around?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi unklellis! At present, it isn't possible to define the language of these landing pages by list, I'm sorry to say. I'm very happy to add a vote for this internally and will let you know if it's something we change in the future.

As you mention, you can set language preferences on a 'per-client' basis. This is the only workaround we've got at present for you - sorry again for that.

I'll let you know if we do come up with a more streamlined way to handle multilingual campaigns - many thanks for your feedback in this regard!

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