Question about parms persent on my confirmed opt-in landing page URL

I have a confirmed opt-in list set up such that once a subscriber confirms their email address, they will be redirected to a page on my site (.../email-list-opt-in-confirmed).  I noticed something in my Google Analytics recently that I thought I'd ask about here.

I am seeing some data in GA that indicates I am getting traffic to the above page, but there is a portion of traffic to that page that has URL parms attached to it resembling the following:


When I search my subscriber list for "" (actual email address scrubbed out here to protect the innocent ;-), that person is not on my active list or my unconfirmed list.

Does anyone know why I get this odd (parameterized) traffic and what it means?

rentallect, 5 years ago

Mystery solved.  Silly me. I am experimenting with another email list tool and the confirmed opt-in landing page I mentioned above is also used by this non-CM tool.  It is that other tool that is adding the URL parms, not CM.  Sorry for the red herring.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

No worries - thanks for letting us know! The above did look a bit unusual ;)

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