Way to build link to user's CM account settings

Is there a way to build a url that would eventually (after login) take them their CM account settings (like: https://mydesigncompany.createsend.com/admin/account/)?

It doesn't have to look like that but I would like to give my users a link where they can click, login, and copy their API key.

I'd rather not ask them which subdomain ("mydesigncompany" in the example above) first.

jamesd jamesd, 5 years ago

To generate a URL like that, you need to know the designer's Campaign Monitor URL prefix. All account access including login is made using the sub-domain associated with the user's account.

Even the campaignmonitor.com login form takes a user's site address as the basis for logging them in: http://signup.campaignmonitor.com/l

mrclark411, 5 years ago

Ok - thanks.

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