Turning off Google Analytics Integration still mucks up my URLs

In order to get a little more control over our analytics, I am hand-tagging our URLs through Google URL builder. But something weird was happening where the tags weren't being recorded in GA. Diving in, I saw that we still have GA integration turned on and that was giving us URLs with two utm_campaign, utm_source, etc.

So I turned off GA integration and tested it. Somehow, I'm still seeing utm_campaign and utm_content being added to all my URLs.

Is there a way to turn this off? Shouldn't shutting off GA integration done that? What am I missing?

Thanks for you help.


Diana Diana, 5 years ago

Hey James,

When removing the GA integration you'll want to reimport any campaigns from before that was turned off or reimport the templates (if the draft is old). Did you try that?

D. Potter
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