How to track recipient behaviours over multiple campaigns

We have built a body of data (nearly 50 campaigns) and want to aggregate and analyse this data by individual over time. For example who on my list has opened, say once, over a period of time or number of campaigns? Who on my list has clicked through to an article, say once, over a period of time or number of campaigns?

How can we use individual campaign report data from a continually growing list and aggregate to answer the kind of questions above?

Thanks for all input.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi clareob, welcome to the forums! There are two things you can do here. For history on individual subscribers, click on 'Lists & Subscribers > Manage Subscriber List > Snapshot of....' to view all trackable events (ie. opens, clicks) since they subscribed. However, for lists, you may want to create segments based on activity (eg. All subscribers who clicked on x campaign), to get overall numbers on responses over a period of time.

For more flexible reporting on click throughs over time, you may want to use Google Analytics' integration with Campaign Monitor. You won't be able to see individual subscribers' details this way, however it's great for tracking activity 'beyond the click', as they say. Good luck!

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