Embedded Image issue wiht Hotmail (i_safe.gif)

Hello all,

Today I encountered a an issue with embedded issues in Hotmail/Windows Live. My image shows up on every email client except Hotmail. Instead, I just see i_safe.gif, a gray box that replaces my image.

Any idea, how I can resolve this issue?


rrivera rrivera, 6 years ago

Update: I resolved the issue with the image in Hotmail/Windows Live. The source image was larger than the size parameters in the img tag. Once I reduced the size of the original file and matched it to sizing in the code, I resent and the gray box went away...with image now showing up.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi rrivera, thanks for sharing the fix with us - all the best with your campaign!

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