MessageLabs Spam filter triggered

Hi, my last Design and Spam test shows a trigger for MessageLabs. It's the first time this triggers for my campaigns. What is the best way to track the problem down?

CalgaryDeveloper, 6 years ago

It'll be a little costly, but I find the only way to isolate the issue is to remove all the text and paste it back in one section at a time, doing a spam check each time.

Once you find the section causing you issues, you can rewrite it and try again.

maniac55 maniac55, 6 years ago

Thanks, I'll try that

maniac55 maniac55, 6 years ago

Hi CalgaryDeveloper,

I tried what you said but I couldn't track it down to an article. MessageLabs always triggers. I have no idea how to find the bottom line of that issue and you're right it is getting very costly. Any ideas how wide spread this Spam filter is. I'm sending to a B2B environment in a niche of the energy sector?

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