can 3 dif sets of subscriber pages all feed a single list?

We have 3 global websites for our client.

Each has a duplicate of the subscriber page, thank you page and unsubscribe page.

If each set of pages has it's own URLs, can they all feed the same subscriber list or do we have to set up 3 matching subscriber lists?

If they can all 3 feed the same list and the script can point to the appropriate thank you pages, how do we accomplish this.


Diana Diana, 6 years ago


We replied via email too, but just for everyone else:

There isn't a problem with using the same form on different sites, but you can only define one confirmation page/thank you email per list. Meaning every subscriber would need to go to the same place after subscribing, which doesn't sound like it would work here. You might be best off using separate lists and forms.

D. Potter
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