Common Unsubscribe Page for one client

Currently I have to set the Unsubscribe Confirmation page URL for each new list I create in Unsubscribe settings> Redirect unsubscribers to your own confirmation page. This URL is always the same for us.

Is it possible to have an Unsubscribe page URL setting per client so that I don't have to enter the same one for every list I create - as I almost always forget to? And when I forget to, it defaults to the generic CM link. We wish to set one that applies to all lists for a client, i.e. set and forget, unless a specific one is set for a list.

Thanks in advance


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi David, welcome to the forums! At present this isn't possible, however we'll gladly add your vote internally and keep you updated if it becomes possible to set an unsubscribe page per client. I agree, it's a really easy one to overlook! Many thanks again for your feedback here.

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