Comparing fields in segment rules

Is is possible to directly compare the values of different fields when creating a segment rule?

For example, I have two custom fields. "LastYearAmount" and "CurrentYearAmount" which are both numbers.

If I want to send out fundraising emails to people who gave more than last year, can I create a segment that basically says "where CurrentYearAmount is greater than LastYearAmount"?  Right now I only see a way to compare the field against a specific value.

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately you're not able to currently compare segments like you would like, sorry. The only fallback solution I can offer is to compare the field against a specific value instead and send the fundraising emails to those who gave more than x dollars this year.

I know this is not what you're after, but we currently have no way of comparing the value of a custom field with another to form a segment, sorry.

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