API Developer Needed

Hello ~ I'm a business coach for Realtors... I'd like to develop one single "Master" template, that I could update monthly (generic) which could be used my any realtor that I am coaching.

So for instance, if I have 10 coaching clients (realtors), each of their templates would be the exact same as the Master (except for their individual photo / contact details, etc. / maybe they could choose a different colored background).. Each month I could update the "Master" to add one new story or article, or feature... which would automatically update that same section for all my clients templates... and we'd send out that months e-mails in mass.

The only thing the realtor(s) would everhave to do, is log-in to add and or update the e-mails in their individual database.

Trying to prevent the task of having to update 10+ or 100+ individual templates, AND trying to make this a seemless operation for our realtors.

Thanks for your reply.

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