Is it possible to use your WYSIWYG Editor to Create my email campaigns. I find I am taking forever to code my emails. I need something a bit more friendly than using notepad.


Tom Davis
Tom Davis Music Publications

I have been on the Mail build site. Will that cost me an additional fee over using campaign monitor? I already have my own template.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Tom. Campaign Monitor is generally built for designers who prefer to design their own emails rather than being constrained by an editor. Having said that, MailBuild might be a better option as you can design a template once, and then add your content via our WYSIWYG editor for each subsequent issue. Mailbuild is actually a different tool altogether than MailBuild (more on the difference here), but the pricing is the same, so it won't cost you an extra to use it.

musicman, 9 years ago

So I could just import my current template into Mail build and use the editor?
Import my mail lists too?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Sure Tom, but you'll need to make some changes to your template first by adding the MailBuild tags in the parts you want to be able to edit.

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