Tweeting a Specific Page with Tweet Button


Is it possible to tweet a specific page using the 'tweet' button? I'm thinking of something similar to the 'like' button <fblike likeurl=""></fblike> ?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi andywozhere, welcome to the forums! At present, it isn't possible to do this via our template tags, however you're welcome to create your own custom Twitter button/link using the following code:

<a href=" description of the tweeted link&via=your-twitter-username&related=a-related-twitter-user" target="_blank">

Results in: Tweet This (this won't automatically send a tweet)

As you can't use JavaScript in email, similar Tweet buttons supplied by Twitter won't work. Good luck!

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andywozhere, 6 years ago

Thanks Roshodgekiss,

That looks very doable :)

jbagley, 6 years ago

Hey, I would also like to request the ability to change the actual tweet message using the CM tweet button. I can obviously use the manual way you described, but I guess the shares won't be tracked within the newsletter reports if we do it like you described above.

So the ability to do something like this:

<tweet via="johnsmith" recommend="mattsmith" message="How cool is this newsletter!">

So add a +1 from me please!


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Jason, you wouldn't believe it, but we've already implemented via= and recommend= on our tweet buttons already - see this blog post on our recent social sharing update.

In time we'll look at changing the message too (I've added your +1 for that), but for now it's your subject line... So choose one carefully :)

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