Setting text address confirmation email content - API request


Just a request for future functionality. Being able to modify the text of the text address confirmation email via the API would be great. At the moment one can set the URL of the subscribe and unsubscribe pages but not the content of that email.



jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey Jeffery,

Thanks for your suggestion of the ability to specify the details of the subscription confirmation email on a list.

I'm not sure specifically what you mean by "modify the text of the text address", however if we did end up implementing the ability to specify the details of this email, it would require quite a lot more (optional) input when creating a list, including the following:

- Whether to send a plain text or HTML welcome email
- From Name
- From Email
- Subject
- Content (if plain text)

I've recorded your request, although there is no guarantee that we'll implement this, as features can only be scheduled based on customer demand.


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