Any chance of setting up an API developer mailing list?

Is there any chance CM could set a subscriber list for us API developers so we can join and you can alert us whenever you make any changes / additions to the API.

That way we dont have to keep an eye on the Docs / blog / forums page.

Or maybe just an 'API Updates' page with title of new functionality, data added and link to documentation.

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Guess not then :o

Jonathon Joyce
jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey Jon,

Sorry for the lack of response so far. I think it's an excellent idea, and it's something we've talked about a bit, but unfortunately haven't got around to actually doing anything about.

Thank you so much for suggesting this. I've created a task for us to actually do something about it. It may just end up being a forum topic dedicated to API updates/news, to which you can subscribe via RSS.

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Just following this up:

We've just added a new forum specifically dedicated to Official API Announcements from the Campaign Monitor developers.

There's a feed available for the new forum too, so hopefully this will become a useful means of communication for developers using our API.

Thanks once again for your suggestion Jon.

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Thanks, will definately help keep up to date :)

Jonathon Joyce

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