problem with getting all of the clients info via API

Under our account with CM we have 18 customers. Two of them have dont have access to their account (we send their newsletters) and 16 customers have access to their account.

When i try to run the 'get_clients.php' file that came with the PHP Wrapper it only returns one result, a customer that doesnt have access to their account. I have tried to run the 'get.php' (the files gets the general info for a client based on the ClientID) by passing the ClientID (that is found under Client Settings) for any other customer apart from the one that was listed in the 'get_clients.php' i get an error "Failed with code 401 , Invalid ClientID".

However this is strange since using a web browser i can all the clients.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Sounds like your using the wrong API key. Make sure your using the API key listed on the 'Account Settings' page not the API key listed under the client. That would explain why your only getting the one client...

Jonathon Joyce
mailcloud, 6 years ago

i have sorted it out.. i had mixed up the ID with the API Key..

thnx JonJoyce

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