Do tracking statistics on 'opened' and 'clicked links' work on iPhone?

Tracking recipients who have never opened email campaigns is very important to my client with only 80 [nonprofit organisation] subscribers on one list. It means that such recipients are not paying attention to important organisational updates.

The manager of the organisation is contacting these 'non-openers.' One of them (who has not opened 15 consecutive campaigns) has said today that she IS opening the emails using her iPhone.

So my question is: does tracking work for emails opened using the iPhone?  Even more: does link-click tracking work if a user is dealing with their email only using the iPhone?

I need to know this so that I can inform my client whether the campaign tracking statistics are functioning for users who access their email ONLY using the iPhone.

Thanks very much!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi again, I've answered your question here in the thread you posted earlier. Hope this helps!

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