Webhook documentation

Is the current webhook documentation at http://www.campaignmonitor.com/api/webhooks/ correct?

The requests I get do not match what is in the documentation.

If I understand the docs correctly I should see this on a unsubscribe event:
      "Type": "Subscribe",
      "State": "Unsubscribed"

However I get, which makes more sense
      "Type": "Unsubscribed"

Also there is a:
      "Type": "Deactivate"

Which is not in the docs.

Am I doing something wrong?


jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Yes, my apologies. There was an error in the documentation, which I have just fixed.

Upon the deactivate event (by unsubscribing a subscriber) you should receive something similar to:

  "Events": [
      "CustomFields": [], 
      "Date": "2011-04-27 09:41:00", 
      "EmailAddress": "example@example.com", 
      "Name": "", 
      "State": "Unsubscribed", 
      "Type": "Deactivate"
  "ListID": "60636e98e098e0298e029d94b6a8"

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