Designer Needed

I'm looking for an email designer to develop an email newsletter template.  The design should incorporate elements from the existing site.

Task required:
1. Conceptualize an email newsletter template, to display corporate newsletter updates.
2. Code the template for CM back-end.

Please post contact information here and I will contact you.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi eeemmad, could you kindly provide a few more details regarding your project? For example, your company's website, objectives, or examples of similar work? Here's an example of a solid ad.

With a few more details in hand, we'll be able to assist you in finding a good designer.

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fyredefyre fyredefyre, 6 years ago

Hi eeemmad,

I've contacted you via email for your reference. You may also contact me below should you wish to find out more.

Jordan - Everything Email.
Email: Skype: fyredefyre

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