API Call to check if Client E-Mail is available

I'm in the process of creating a Sign-Up Form for new Clients. I already found out that there is no way of checking if a Username is still available, other then creating one and checking the response. Now i've worked around that but i've got the same problem with the Clients E-Mail Adress. So here's my question: Is there any way of checking, if a Client-Email Adress is still available before creating an Account?

Phil Phil, 6 years ago


There's no direct way to do that, but i can think of a few indirect ways, in order of my preference:
1. Maintain a dummy client that's only used by your script. Check to see if an email address is available by changing the details of that client to use the new email. If it works, change it back and you're right to go with that email. If it doesn't, you know the email is taken.
2. Get a list of all the clients, or maintain that same list, and cycle through those IDs one by one to see if the email address you want is taken.
3. Try to create the new client - if it fails with a 150 error, you'll know the address is taken.

mdi1984, 6 years ago

Thanks for your quick response.
I also thought about the "dummy client-solution" - will try that.

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