'Do Not Track' laws

I'm wondering if anybody has any information/thoughts on how some of the Do Not Track laws that are being debated in the US and Europe would affect our ability analyze the results of email campaigns, both in Campaign Monitor and in Analytics tools like Google.

jasontalfor, 6 years ago

As a lawyer in Canada, and operator of a website http://Classhub.com, I can tell you that you should not be too worried about the effects of the internet privacy laws being debated in the US. On my site that connects students with teachers, instructors and tutors, I find it critical to see where my traffic is coming from, as I am sure any campaign manager does. Canadian legislation as per Bill C-32 on Digital Privacy has outlined steps as for the depth of personal information that can be obtained, and how that information can be used. I understand that many states have actually been adopting stricter legislation with regards to digital privacy, and it seems these have been met with little industry opposition. Federal statues would seek to cover the basic principles of the state laws and would most likely be supported by industry because it would be easier to comply with federal statues then multiple state legislation.

The long and short of it is, all the useful data in Campaign Monitor and other Analytics tools should be largely unnaffected.



http://Classhub.com - Connecting Students, Teachers, Instructors, Tutors

dhinshaw, 6 years ago

Great info. That is in line with what I expected. Thanks!

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