Automatic news alert from a website

Hi all,

I just wanting to know if it's possible to have a system put in place that automatically sends out news alerts by email when my clients post new news stories on their website (Joomla website).  For example each week it would check the website on Fridays and send out emails via Campaign Monitor to the people who opt-in to receive these news updates...

Is this possible through Campaign Monitor API ?



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Victor, you could potentially do something with our API and Joomla. There's a very similar plugin for ExpressionEngine called Champagne, albeit it doesn't compile posts into a weekly digest, as you've suggested.

If you do create such a plugin for Joomla as part of a public project, kindly let us know - I'm certain it would be a fairly popular addition to our existing list of Joomla downloads and we'd help you to promote it, too!

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