Strange behavior Outlook 2003


I'm totally surprised again - I recently designed a new newsletter template for my company. It's absolutely okay in every tested clients (Outlook 2007, 2010, Thunderbird (Mac,Win), Outlook Express and also on many web based clients), except Outlook 2003. :(

I have no idea what happens in the header part.

Here is the newsletter:
(check the source there please, I'm using premailer to create the inline styles).

Outlook 2003 Screenshot:

I would be extremely thankful for the help!

Thanks in forth!

{ chron }

Rich Simisker Rich Simisker, 6 years ago

A quick fix might be to add valign="top" and specify heights for the table cells that don't currently have them specified.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but it's difficult to quickly diagnose/test a structure that uses rowspans and colspans.

If it were me, I'd look at restructuring that using nested tables; they're more predictable.

Self-styled "Technical Boffin" at Plasticle E-mail Design.
chronotype, 6 years ago

Thank You Rich,

I'll give it a try (yepp, I forgot about the vertical-align (valign) issue, hopefully this one will help). I used to design mail newsletters earlier also, but now I've decided to keep it as simple as possible - that's why I didn't used nested tables.

Thank You again for the help!

chronotype, 6 years ago

:( I added the valign attribute to every td and defined the exact heights to every single cell also, but still the same shit in 2003. Ah. I don't have more time to find this out :( I switch to nested tables. Arghh.

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