CM replacing h2 in template with p

This is annoying.

In the template I'm working on I've got a line for a subheading to be entered by the user - nothing out of the ordinary, just

<h2><$description default='Subheading'$</h2>

But when in the CM interface a <p> is getting inserted by CM inside the <h2>. So at the preview stage it then looks like


Any ideas?

Stig Stig, 6 years ago


Sorry for the trouble. The <$description$> tag inserts a (multi line) area that can be edited with a WYSIWYG editor. If the outer element(s) in this area isn't a block level element, the WYSIWYG editor will add a <p> element for you.

I'm afraid we can't disable this behavior, but you can work with it to get the results you want. For example, you could wrap a <div class="subheading"> around the <$description$> tag, and use .subheading p { ... } to style the subheading appropriately.


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shg, 6 years ago

That worked a treat. Cheers!

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