Redirects fail when testing campaigns


I have a client that has had us add a link to his facebook page on his template. When he sends himself a test of the draft campaign, the link doesn't work. It's clearly the tracking link, but it's just not redirecting for him. It works fine for me, although only once. After that it stops redirecting. I assume this is because it's still a draft campaign, but I just want to be able to  give him some confidence that it will work once live.

Thank you.

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


When you are using test campaigns, the URLs for each link can change any time you update the draft content, so a link that did work may not work after you edit the campaign some more.

However, once you send the campaign, the links are all locked in place and will redirect to the right place every time. Sorry for the confusion.

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