<p> not formating in outlook

Had a designer and programmer design and build a tempalte into CM. When I go into the edit the content blocks to add text for a newsletter and send this out it looks great in hotmail etc but only some of the paragraphs are formating correctly in outlook.

I know everyone says it is outlooks fault - but never had this issue when using even the simplest of email programs (Vision 6, peoplelogic melonmail etc) on behalf of clients.

thinking about whilte-labelling the product, but if clients will get these issues then I will get calls all day...

Is there any common issues or html solutions that someone could pass on?

dan_rc, 6 years ago

I always try to make sure <p>'s are given plenty of css like line-height, margins, etc. And ensure it's well specified in the css.

That normally solves 'some' of my outlook headaches.

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