Make entering details Custom Fields "mandatory' for form submission?


I've used CM for a while but am having an issue with custom fields on a subscriber form.

Is there any way to make filling in the custom fields (for example, address, state etc) required for the form to be submitted?

At present the fields are there, but respondents can ignore filling in the fields.

Thanks for any help.


Phil Phil, 6 years ago


Unfortunately there's no way to force that on our servers. The best approach would be to use some javascript validation.

If you're not sure how to go about that, we do have one example implementation using jquery in this blog post.

webtactics, 6 years ago

Hi Phil,

Thanks for that - easy to add and seems to work as it should.

With a drop down list - do I add the class declaration to the name tag?

<label for="Ticket Round Number">Ticket Round Number:</label></td>
<td><select class="required" name="cm-fo-dyodk"> <option value="214887">Round 1</option> <option value="214888">Round 2</option> <option value="214889">Round 4</option> <option value="214890">Round 6</option> <option value="214891">Round 7</option> <option value="214892">Round 11</option> <option value="214893">Round 13</option> <option value="214894">Round 18</option> <option value="214895">Round 21</option> <option value="214896">Round 24</option> <option value="214897">Round 26</option> </select>



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