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I got a campaign monitor template designed, the content areas are empty in the template. I created a campaign and added 8 content sections with images to the email. I now want to use these 8 content areas as part of the template permanently so that they appear every time a new campaign is created.

Without knowing a lot about tags is there an easy way to make the email (with the 8 content sections) my template?

Hope that make sense!


Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hi Sue,

Yes, the template can contain as much or as little as you like , so your designer could edit the template to include those 8 sections, and you'd start with them every time. It will need the designer to modify the code for you though.

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tuffus, 6 years ago

Thanks, so the designer needs to edit the index html file to include the 8 content sections.

So, there's no way from me to save my edited email (template+8 content sections) within CM and make it a tempate?

Sorry to repeat but going back to the designer will be an additional cost and if I could do it within CM myself I would prefer to do that. I have used other email campaign systems where I could just save an edited email as a new template and am surprised it doesn't seem to be possible with CM.

Many thanks

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