Automatically updated web page preview of most recent campaign

Hi, I am looking to create a page in a clients website to display the current email campaign. The script currently available creates an archive link that can be clicked but I would like to use the actual campaign. I could use the 'view in browser' url but this would need to be updated manually every time a campaign is sent.

Can a script/code be used to create an iframe format to display the most recent campaign that is updated each tine a new campaign is sent.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi icono, welcome to the forums! You can't edit the script to display the most recent campaign in this manner, I'm sorry to say. It's manual work, but the 'view in browser' or 'share' link are the only ways to retrieve a URL to the campaign itself, for now.

I've added your vote for this, so I'll keep you posted if it's something we include in a future release.

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