How to select which list the user will be subscribed to

I'm new to campaign monitor and finally decided to use your product after testing different competitors.
I decided to basically use two lists, one for prospects and another one for customers. I plan to use two lists: Customers and Prospects.

I'll take care of automatically inserting users into the Customers list when they purchase my product but they are allowed to subscribe to the Prospects list.

When the user subscribes to the form, I want to do check if it's already in the Customers list: if it is I don't want to insert him in the Prospects list (which will also be associated to an autoresponder).

Is there a way to do it?

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago


Unfortunately there's not an automatic way to set up a list to automatically check another list.  If you have coding chops you could set it up using our API.

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