Not able to edit "Forward to a Friend"

I have one client but every month we send two newsletters, one in English and one in Turkish. I have been able to customize all our subscribe and unsubscribe forms in both languages and post them on our newsletter, weblog, facbook, etc.

The Forward to a Friend is where I am stuck. I know that I can have a FtoaF in English OR one in Turkish but not one customizable in both languages. I understand that I can create a "new" client so as to have a FtoaF in both languages however, if I create a "new" client for the purposes of changing the language to Turkish then I am afraid I will open up new problems regarding the forms and links we already have.

Can anyone suggest how best to solve this?

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago


Unfortunately you are correct, the only way to have a FtaF in two languages is to have two separate clients, sorry.

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Vlanzoiz3, 5 years ago

Well, I've got the same problem and I don't want to create a second client account for the same reason (and for approval porcess reason).

Perhaps you could think of linking the FTAF page with the subscriber list (like other Landing Page).

It also should be great to simply edit the content of the field "I just received this email and thought you might find it interesting."


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks Vlanzoiz3 - happy to add your request for this internally and let you know if we improve our FTAF pages. Many thanks for your feedback! :D

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