Clone / Copy An Autoresponder

Hi Guys, just wondered if there was any way to clone / copy an entire autoresponder series?

I would like to setup various autoresponders based on different industries, but would rather not have to back through and create all the emails separately for each new one.

Any ideas?



typeshape, 6 years ago


annieldv, 5 years ago

I'm sending out an email every week for 26 weeks by autoresponder and some of the content is the same. I'd like to know how to copy week one and edit it each week rather than start with a blank template every time.
Is this possible?

Mathew Mathew, 5 years ago

Thanks for your posts, I'm afraid it isn't possible right now to duplicate autoresponders. I will record that feedback though as something to consider for the future.

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murokoma, 4 years ago

I +1 this... very needed feature. Might in fact be the reason why I switch away from CM....

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

We're sorry to hear that, murokoma - sadly, we don't have firm plans to allow autoresponders to be copied yet, either. I'll add your vote internally and will certainly let you know if it's something we work on, hopefully soon.

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