Custom Fields Add-On for Campaign Press in WordPress


I know this is not specifically designed or run by CampaignMonitor but I figure someone else on this forum is bound to be using it and might be able to help me.

I have installed the custom fields add on in Campaign Press for WordPress but nothing has changed and there are no new sections or links to add custom fields.

The add-on is definetly installed and the wee message saying "add custom fields with the add-on" has now gone away but theres no link in sight to actually add the custom fields.

Hope someone using CampaignMonitor can help!

Cheers for the great product CM!


scottnz, 6 years ago

Problem solved!
In case anyone encounters the same problem in the future it is because you need PHP5.2 to run the script properly. Found out they hadn't upgraded my server so was still running V5.1

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