Problem with campaign emails being sent to junkmail

I have already white listed the IP addresses listed in the help section, but now i need to know what domains are associated with campaign monitor so I can white list them as well. We have pretty tight security...

Here is my example of what I'm looking for:

In the header of the messages sent, there's a line called Return-Path:

Return-Path: <>

I need a list of the domains that can be used in that field. I have already added to the white list but i need to know what else that could be i.e. creatsend6 orcreatesend2 - what else exists?


Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi MC, Sorry your tight security is making it difficult to get emails sent from our servers. We just got your email sent into support with our current list of sending domains. Hope that's the fix.

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