Change type of custom field from 'text' to 'number'

I would like to change the type of a custom field to 'number' instead of 'text. I already updated that field with numbers but now I cannot create a segment using parameters like "is larger than".

Through the web I can't do this easily :(

Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi bc173, once you've already created a custom field, you can't go back and change the data type, unfortunately, but there is a way to use your number data and have the parameters you need to segment it.

You'll need to make a new custom field in the app with "Number" selected as the data type, export your current list with the custom field data you want to keep, change that column's name in Excel to match the new custom field's name, and re-import the list back into the app making sure the number data now matches the new custom field. You can then delete the previous 'text' custom field if you want.

Campaign Monitor
bc173, 6 years ago

Thanks Carissa, that did the job!

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