script/widget with subscribers count list and single report view

I'd like to insert in my website a script with a simple subscribers count to a specific list… example: "1050 subscribers to the latest news list".
If I connect with my local database not have the possibility to have the correct list (without deleted users, email bounce, etc.).
Is it possible?

Still, some customers ask me if is possible allow to view specific report to a specific user (with a temporary username and password); only access to the single report and not all that included in the client list.
Is it possible?


bc173, 6 years ago

Question 1:

Yes that is possible through the API. You need to retrieve the value 'TotalActiveSubscribers', check:

Question 2:

As far as I know this is not possible. What I do is download the report as PDF and send it by e-mail.

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