Size of Text Fields in "Custom Fields" is 250?

Size of Text Fields in  "Custom Fields" is 250?
Is possible to made them bigger?

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago


Unfortunately no, it's not possible at this time to make them bigger, sorry, you'll have to work within the 250 character limit.

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ghporras ghporras, 6 years ago

Ah ok...
Thanks a lot of!

NetHawk, 6 years ago

Will longer text just be cut off, or is there a warning message?

I use a text field to individualize my holiday mailings. 250 characters is fine for that but it would be a desaster if the text wouldn't be complete, just because I didn't count chars correctly...

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Each custom field value has a data limit of 250 characters which means that you will not be able to add any more characters past 250. If you're worried about incorrect calculations, you could use a website like this one or the word (and character) count feature in a word processor.

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