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Hi, I wanted to share a link to a site that I think could serve email designers well. I just started it a few weeks back for the benefit of my company's web design team, but wanted to share it with other designers so they could see what major companies and brands are doing with email. It's called Mailboxr, and I hope you will check it out.

Please feel free to send me any feedback - i know some of the emails are a little whacked, as I haven't yet perfected the automation of the importing of these emails as they arrive, but for the most part they come in fairly well and as intended. If you know of any brands that you'd like to see their emails added, please let me know through the contact form as well. Thanks!


mac28twen, 6 years ago

Nice site, thanks for sharing it.  A little off topic, but how has your experience been with Installatron for your Wordpress installation?  I hadn't heard of that before noticing you'd used it on


Wanda Merschel Winston Salem City Council
mailboxr, 6 years ago

Hi Wanda...I like installatron, as its handy and provided by my hosting provider. I don't like their branding on everything they install however, which can be configured to not be shown in the settings of your server by the server admin. Their branding on Mailboxr will be removed shortly.

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